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Stitching in the park
May 19, 2017


Every summer, Bookworm privileges working with needle and thread as a way to keep the craft alive but also to collaborate around stitching. In the past, Bookworm has initiated ‘godri’ – quilts as a collaborative initiative as well as collaborative story panels – using motifs hand stitched by various people around memory and story. Bookworm is pleased to announce the launch of another collaborative stitching project this Summer. The project will be facilitated by a gifted friend of Bookworm – Nilima Braganza. The project stems from a deep need to keep stitching together in celebration of the skill , the sharing and the collaboration that comes from larger projects like this. They are reaching out with this one, with the extended purpose to quilt multiple wall frames of book shelves that will be donated to spaces where children gather. They hope to secure walls for these quilts in pediatric hospitals, clinics, elementary schools, libraries, community spaces and such. They believe that , the more people gather, the more diverse these locations can become and the more hopeful the world becomes. They launched this project on April 8 at Bookworm. They meet every three weeks during the summer to complete their designated patch and then gather with the monsoon to quilt them together. Next stitching together meet up is planned in the Panjim garden Garcia de Orta, on 19th May, from 5. 00 pm – 6. 30 pm All material is provided by Bookworm and any one over the age of 14 years is welcome !

All material is provided by Bookworm and any one over the age of 14 years is welcome !

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