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May 15, 2017

Like any other teenager, I had a lot of time at hand that I knew not how to utilise. I considered taking up a job that would give me an allowance of sorts. Knowing that I was in search of job, a kind friend of mine introduced me to Bookworm. For me, Bookworm was synonymous with a library, that made me a bit apprehensive at first but after a lot of dilly dallying, I finally decided to check it out. I reached out to Bookworm and they were ridiculously warm. The lovely Sujata arranged to meet with me and discuss the various opportunities that were up for grabs. It was to be an interview but felt like any other meeting – the kind that you have with friends. Oh what a joy it was to know that I ‘d become a part of this wonderful family.

In the first week that I joined, I felt very welcome and within just 2 encounters I felt like I belonged. I ‘ve been around for a little over just 5 months now and yet Bookworm feels like family – That says a lot, doesn’t it?

Bookworm isn’t your conventional library space, one that is dull and silent and/or eerie.

Oh no no!

It’s colourful, interesting and bustling with sounds of joyous children.

It’s so much more than a library! Bookworm works in schools through its Libraries in Schools (LiS) programme, in the community through the Mobile Outreach Programme (MOP) of course and in its own library space focusing on literacy & providing library access to those that have been deprived of it. I have had the opportunity of working with Bookworm’s Mobile Outreach Programme (MOP) wherein resource persons go out into the communities of Chimbel and Cacra to name a few and make books available to children. It isn’t solely about books though, stories are read aloud to children along with various other recreational activities like art, craft & games. Children love the programme as is evident in the love & affection that they shower us with and the concern that they show if either one of us remains absent.

Beverly My bookworm family

Working with children demands a lot of responsible shoulders that we are in dire need of. Speaking from personal experience, the MOP is an amazing programme to be a part of. People from all walks of life be it students, teachers, homemakers, etc are part of the programme and would testify on what an amazing experience it is, so what’re you waiting for? Come join us.

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