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Interning at Bookworm
September 25, 2016

It all started off with me passing by the bookworm library on a nothing but normal evening when a sense curiosity struck me. Today, I’m grateful to that very sense of curiosity for having helped me to land where I am today.

People ask me whether I regret taking a gap year, but to be honest, I really don’t feel I’m doing something really productive with the time that I have in hand. and this productivity couldn’t take a better form than birthing out of bookworm.

Interning at a trust like Bookworm isn’t just about the work that I carry out as an intern, or the number of dedicated work hours that I contribute. Most or almost all of it, is just about making a difference to the lives of the children that bookworm reaches out to. What on earth can cause more content than the one that is achieved by bringing a smile on an innocent’s face?

Whenever I go for the Mobile Outreach Program, I see the excitement and the enthusiasm in the eyes of the kids towards learning new things, that it is impossible to even overlook and resist the feeling of adoration that fills me up at the sight. The children treat us like family. There is a bond between Bookworm and the children that we reach out to, that is absolutely inexplicable and beautiful at the same time.


Bookworm is not just an NGO or a trust that you come across on a daily basis, and this unique quality, along with its dedication towards making a difference, is what has made me fall in love with it.

Thank you so much Bookworm. You are amazing and you always will be amazing.

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