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March 31, 2016

Biblioburro- reading the title makes one immediately wonder what this book is about. The word Biblioburro is unfamiliar. The title makes you think, it drives you to your imaginative world. Biblioburro is written by Jeanette Winter and it is a true story of Columbia. It is a story of Luis who started with a travelling library ‘Biblioburro’, to know why he started with this travelling library you have to read the book. When you will read this book you will find many things similar to the activities done by the Bookworm Library program.

I had an opportunity of reading this book in three schools and at one MOP site that is Chimbel. I was really amazed and surprised by the response I got from the children for this book. Bookworm as a library program read aloud stories to children and gives them story books to read, in the same way Luis did in ‘Biblioburro’. The best part in reading out this story to children was that they were comparing this story to the activities done by Bookworm Library program.  When I was reading the story, they would say ‘teacher he is reading a story like how you read a story to us and also give story books to take home’. For me, this ‘the response of students to this book’ was interesting and satisfying.

As a post story activity they compared Biblioburro with Bookworm library which was then displayed on a chart. For example, Sameer wrote, “in the library we read books, draw, sing Bookworm songs and do other activities and in Biblioburro Luis gives story books to the children, who then read happily”.



Each and every book I read to the children gives me different experience and this book gave me one such experience. This book gave me an opportunity, to know the children better and most importantly their knowledge about our library.

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