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Exposure visit for Nirmala Institute Of Education – Bachelor of Special Education student​s
February 29, 2016

Written by Melcom

We welcome visitors to Bookworm, we feel that the best way to experience the library and the work we do, is by visiting us. So, it was our great pleasure to welcome Nirmala Institute Of Education Bachelor of Special Education student s who are doing a course under the guidance of Sujata Noronha called Reading and Reflecting on Texts, where better than the Library.

A total of 26 students had come and there were welcome d by the Bookworm team with an introduct ory session which included some dramatic action. It was really amazing to see how quickly over 32 actions were shared as we all got to know each other, the visitors and the Bookworm team.


We then did a walk through the library , which was well done by Jewel and we cautioned the students to listen because a game that tested their attention to the library collection would follow. The students played the Treasure Hunt game with great participation and active collaboration, showing us that whatever the age, games and participatory exercises are a wonderful way to be introduced to a space and collection. We made our work lighter by having a Level 2 built into the game where the books had to be returned to the correct places and it was fun to watch the scramble.


Students watched a film about Bookworm’s work, spent time in an intense question answer session and learnt more about our work.



It was a lovely experience to have the student of Nirmala who had come all the way from their college on bike s   and some in a car. We hope they visit again because they liked the space and the collection and take some of our ideas into the work they will do in schools.

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