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Jumble Sale, Jumble Sale, Jumble all the way!!!
December 30, 2015

Written by Deepali

Jumble Sale, Jumble Sale, Jumble all the way!!!

Oh ! what fun it is to sort jumble through the day!!!!

Hey ! Jumble Sale, jumble sale, jumble all the way!!!

And the countdown has begun……Bookworm’s very own Jumble Sale, coming soon on the 14th of February 2016…..
But right now, the library space resembles an overflowing cave of hidden treasures!!! As jumble has started trickling in, we have started sorting it into books, toys, clothes, crockery, cutlery, art, shoes, furniture, curios, knick-knacks and what not!!

It has already started driving everybody crazy as everyone is eyeing boxes of all shapes and sizes as if it is gold to sort and pack stuff into. Each one including yours truly wants a bigger box to pack stuff.
And as one sorts through mountains of books, one is but obviously tempted to go through interesting books, read synopsis, flip through the pages, smell the musty feeling of age between some pages, realize that there are so many many books yet to be read, discover unknown people to whom the particular book has being dedicated and wonder why this book must have been given away, find brand new books waiting to be thumbed through, forgotten letters, boarding passes of the bygone era, bookmarks, interesting cut-outs tucked between pages etc and one cannot but get the feeling about what an awesome holiday task this is.

We are already in the grip of this jumble madness now and peace will reign in this Bookworm space only after the 14th of February.
People, in this season of kindness, please give a thought to all those children who are yet to experience the magic of reading and donate as much as recyclable stuff as you can to the Jumble Sale so that Bookworm can continue doing best what it has been always doing – Spreading the joy of Reading !!!!!

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