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Representing our creative selves
November 22, 2015

This school break, it seemed imperative that I enable the team to reflect on self, go inwards and strengthen their own personhoods. This need arises from the nature of our work. It makes very heavy demands on us as people and I feel in order to keep going and nurturing others we must on occasion nurture ourselves. 

I planned to explore the mode of the Digital Story as a medium that would help the school resource team reflect on some aspect of themselves and represent it in a form that used technology and was perhaps attractive. As often happens this was not meant to be and I went to visit with my friend Milan who has been exploring crafts with paper and plastic quite exhaustively over the past year. Milan shared how she used the ‘spirit doll’ process with her students at the Goa College of Architecture and I had one of my light bulb moments – let us find our own spirits while on this term break. 


We began with little or no expectation

But a consistent openness and eagerness 

To allow ourselves an experience on the 

hint of my suggestion and the word


We began with a room full of material 

Every surface lined with hand crafted 

Spirits and forms that were still but 

alive all the same and 


We began with the same fullness of 

Spirit to receive and in a circle of 

Trust and readiness to go in and come 

back out again creating 


We began with sticks and strips and 

Paper and string and glue and thread and

Feather as wings and lightness and structure

shape and form emerged 


We began a journey to allow what is in 

To flow  without to begin to talk to 

And with the self in a form that crafted 

out of our own but with each 


We began something and it was good


Thank you Milan for this gift and opportunity to grow ! On reflection we found that it was the space of trust, open ness, no expectation, and no judgement that every one found their creative self. 

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