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Libraries in Schools
Another New LiS School in Margoa ( ​Ravindra Kelekar Dnyanmandir )
October 31, 2015

Written by Melcom

It is nice to see that our Libraries in School program is growing every year. The most recent addition to the LiS school list is Ravindra Kelekar School, a Konkani Medium School in Gogol Margao managed by the Konkani Bhasha Mandal.

I still remember the first day, where children were very excited to see new faces in their class. They were very happy to see that they will get a storybook to take home and they did. They also were thrilled to listen to a story. Their curiosity to what will happen next is just precious. We have a parallel session in std 3 & 4 and std 5 & 6.

I must say that the children in this school are disciplined and very vocal in terms of expressing their views. In other words, the teachers from this school have nurtured their children very well. This Headmaster and the teachers of this school is very cooperative.



Children appear to have a good level of listening comprehension in English, show keen interest in answering questions and this is shared by my other colleagues. We all feel that perhaps in an environment where the primary language is the home language, where teachers are supportive and the children enjoy school, learning is natural. Children respond to questions in Konkani and I love to hear that and hope my own Konkani gets better and better.




The amount of joy  we witness when children take book home was just amazing. I could almost see the joy brought to the children by the book. In all the classes, the moment they saw the story book, the children touched the book, admired it and take pleasure to turn the pages and cherish the joy of looking each and every page of the book. That is a memorable moment. 

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  1. अरुण भट

    थोड्याच दिसां फाटीं भारतीय भाषा सुरक्षा मंचाच्या संदर्भात सध्याच्या प्राथमिक, खास करुन सरकारी शिक्षणीक दर्ज्या संदर्भात हांवे फेसबुकार कोमेंट करतना कांय आदर्श कोकणी —मराठी शाळांचो संदर्भ दिल्लो तातूंत कोकणी भाषा मंडळाच्या ह्या शाळेचो हावे मुजरत उल्लेख केल्लो. आज हो स्तंभ वाचून ताका
    खर्‍यानीच पुष्टी मेळ्ळी. खूप बरें दिसलें. अभीनंदन !!!

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