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Goodbye Miss Jessica
April 27, 2015

Written by Jessica

Out of all the things I have undertaken to assist with at BW in my time visiting, I must say that being given the opportunity to run a session at MOP has been a true highlight. One evening, Sujata and I turned up at Cacra. It was Good Friday, and all the kids were scattered around, only 3 to be seen who looked shocked to see us – neither of us were the regulars and apparently they weren’t expecting us to come that day. But once they knew we were there and delighted to stay, they ran and rounded up all the other kids, we ended up with about 25 in the end. They were pleased to be there and so were we. A lot of them even recognised me from weeks before when I went as an observer. We separated into the older and younger groups, and I took charge of the older group. We read A Boy and A Jaguar, a beautiful true story about a young man with a speech impediment whose passion was animals and their safety. The children really engaged, and though I don’t speak any Hindi or Konkani, the kids whose English was more advanced helped with translation to the others and together we all enjoyed the story and ensuing activity. At the end they all asked me many questions and wanted to know if I would be back. I had the pleasure to return and run the session again the following week, and felt so exhilarated doing so. The passion they seem to have to be there is something infectious and their energy a pleasure. These are memories I shall not soon be forgetting, nor their lovely faces as they chased us up the road on my second session, shouting ‘Goodbye Miss Jessica!’.

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