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Writing stories
March 25, 2015

Written by Barkha

On Friday in Std. 4 at STGPS, we tried to write stories based on ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds along with key concepts from one of four books. These books were ‘Line and Circle’ by Radhika Menon (Tulika), ‘Little blue and Little Yellow’ by Leo Leonni (Harper Collins),’ Ish’, sequel to ‘The Dot’ (Candlewick) and ‘When a Line bends a shape begins’ by Rhonda Gowler Geene (Sandpiper). The children wrote the most beautiful stories.






Here are the stories-

01. Ramon was drawing a picture with his pencil. After finishing his picture, his brother came into the room. He laughed at Ramon’s picture. Hearing the laugh, Ramon got very angry. He hit the pencil point on the paper making a sharp dot. His sister came into the room and saw the dot. She picked up the paper and went and stuck it on her wall.

02. The line was once walking through the bridge. He fell into the water and started screaming. On hearing the scream the circle started to walk towards him but fell in the water too. They both screamed for help. In the end, they both drowned after two hours.

03. The two best friends-

Yellow and Blue were best friends. One day they were going to the park. The y saw a dot on the wall. It was made of many mixed colours. When the sun fell on it, it would shine. When they touched it, it was hot. It looked very beautiful they thought.

04. Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Priya. Priya loved to draw shapes like circles, rectangle, square etc. She could also draw straight lines.

One day, her teacher asked her to draw a dot. She drew the perfect dot. The next day when she came to class she saw the teacher showing everyone her drawing. She was very happy.

05. The two colours dot-

There was once a boy who liked to draw. He decided to draw with two colours. He took out the colours and started painting. He coloured half the dot yellow and the other half blue. When it was done, everybody liked it.

06.The railway line in a different shape-

As you know every train runs on a railway line. There is one railway line that bends in a funny way. When the train comes, it bends like an S. The people think that the conductor has pressed the wrong button but that is not true. Till now no one has been able to figure out the truth.

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