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Being a chairman at the MOP meeting
March 1, 2015

Written by Melcom

A chairperson should be efficient,

Need to be punctual for the meeting,

Need to design agenda for the meeting,

Need to have discipline,

Should have ability to control the meeting and the members

and not let anyone to speak without their turn”.

I feel that I have satisfied all the above features of the chairmen. To become chairmen is not an easy job. Being chairmen, the first task is to design the MOP agenda for the week. Designing an agenda is the biggest challenge because you need to keep track of many things like any issue or problem which seek for explanation or to discussion any future plan which are related for the MOP program. After that comes “giving prior notice of the meeting” to all the MOP members. This showcases the date of the meeting, time, agenda, the chairperson etc. This is necessary so that the other MOP members get the sense of the meeting and the agenda.

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Then comes the Day of the meeting, where in the chairperson has to be present at the venue on time. I myself have no idea whether I have been on time or not. But I do report on time. After this, once all the members are present, I then start my meeting. Well I must say that I play double role: – a chairperson and the minuter whose job is to take the minutes down of the meeting. No sooner the meeting start, I just start scribing down all the conversation that takes place at the meeting. After every agenda, there is a lot of discussion and arguments, counter argument and debate. As a chairperson, I have to make sure that all this is well control and balanced.

Honestly, it gives me a one hour authority to control other (not negatively but positively). All the members are in commands of the chairperson. What I really like about being a chairmen is that it gives me confident to address to the people and allows me to coordinate the whole program properly without any mistake and error.

After the meeting the next job is to notify the minutes of the MOP meeting. This job is very important without knowing what actually happen it is impossible to know the plan. 

I wish all the best for the future chairperson for the MOP meeting.

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