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Auxilium Primary School, Caranzalem
School Bell…
January 1, 2015

Written by Deepali

We go to Auxilium Caranzalem on every Tuesdays and Wednesdays and what a way to start the week. Every school has a bell that tells everyone when a period is over or when its time to close the books and quieten those hunger pangs or when to escape out from the classes and have some fun on the ground even if it is for a mere ten minutes. In Auxilium, we rarely get to hear the bell above the children’s din. We follow our watches and carry on our sessions:-). There are instances when the school has to have a zero period and all the regular periods are shortened and bells are rung at odd times. And what crazy times are those !!! Just very recently, we had to experience this as zero periods were just over and we were supposedly back to regular classes but the peon apparently was given no such notice and happily stuck to the zero period schedule and we kept on waiting in one class for the bell to ring for the recess after our session ended. It was only after quite some time that I realized something was not right and went out to check and found out that the next period that is the fifth period had already started and we had already missed some valuable time. We just picked up our boxes and rushed to the next class and started our session there. And as we started the mid day meal was served and then it was recess time and the entire period just flew out of the window. After the recess, much to everybody’s chagrin, it was announced that we had to revert back and continue with another fifth period and carry on from there……..

2014-12-10 11.24.46
The zero periods are still going on but come what may……..we are now always ready on our toes with our boxes to rush out from one class to another at the drop of a hat……or should I say at the toll of a wayward bell……..

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