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Auxilium Primary School, Caranzalem
A School Concert
December 31, 2014

For a long time this month our school program has been at the receiving end of Concert Chaos. Yesterday I had the joy of being at the other end, Concert Celebrations !

Sr Celine from The Auxilium Convent, Caranzalem, a LiS supported school invited me to be Chief Guest at the Pre school Annual Day and what a joyous evening it was for me.

I began my work with preschool children almost 17 years ago and I can still enjoy them most thoroughly and delight in the innocence and potential of pre-schoolers for whom the whole world is a stage.

The teaching staff and management of Auxilium Caranzalem need a very special mention for the great attention to detail for this Annual Day. Children between the ages of 3 – 5.5 years were dressed, encouraged in dance and movement and trained to sing a beautiful Christmas carol in Konkani.



My celebrations rested in seeing the range of languages that were included in the repertoire of songs, English, Konkani and Hindi – the diversity of children who were given this opportunity to participate, the order and diligence with which children were led on and off stage, the absolute absence of anxiety on the part of even a single child and the joy and pride of the parents and grand parents as they watched their children perform.

The Manager Sr. Audrey and the Principal Sr. Celine were so gracious and kind to me that I had multiple surreal moments as I was escorted, thanked and gifted during the evening. While I acknowledge and thank the Management for recognising Bookworm’s work in the school and choosing me so graciously to honor this Annual Day, I am humbled and reminded that without the children there would be no work and mission for many of us and because of the children, we persevere and look forward in hope and love.

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