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November 30, 2014

Administering our Libraries in Schools program is not a routine task. I subscribe to the anonymous idiom , “God is in the detail “ but there may be some who think it is the devil! 

Each LiS Class has both back end and onsite documentation and recording. These administrative tasks have been typically handed to younger colleagues within the program who are initiating themselves in to the world of books. However , these tasks are nothing short of micro planning that is required for the smooth functioning of the program . 

Over the years, I have sensed that Administrative tasks are considered secondary to more direct intervention tasks. In our LiS program, this might mean, recording the books that go into a classroom and arranging name lists as secondary to reading aloud and this has begun to become problematic. 

When one thinks of delivery or implementation of a program it is impossible without the administrative aspect of work. People who look down upon this aspect are often inefficient in these very areas and therefore do not engage, but the brave and worthy ones who do these tasks are learning hands on how to think through an idea to it’s minutiae and that is a life lesson in good Administration. 

In the LiS program, I am delighted to have the strong support of Analia Braganza, Sabina Ali Shaikh, Margaret Viegas consistently week in and week out as we serve 1125 children in 7 different schools across Goa.  While they often navigate the name lists and book collections and lending records, they also support the team that facilitates the read aloud and classroom work and in that sense they are growing in both perspective and skills of the program in very strong ways. 

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I am particularly delighted this month to have Megha Kalokhe join us as an Intern. I have known Megha since she was 2.5 years old. She came to visit us in our home one evening and never went back home and in that same spirit Megha resides in my head and heart. But I never imagined I would have her in my work and I do! Megha will complete one month with Bookworm as a intern and she has the unique distinction of fitting in so well that everyone is always smiling and laughing around Megha, Megha included! 

Megha, Deepali

God is in the detail and it shows with the administrative strengthening of the program and the gift of the people who work with me on this dimension of work.

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