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LiS with a student volunteer
November 24, 2014

We have a new LiS school, approximately 50 Kms from Taleigao in the village of Kudchire in Bicholim Taluka. How we got here and why , I reserve for a separate post for now I want to to share my joys in Student Volunteers who convince me that there is a hope and it is packaged in good souls. 

Mahzooz, came to the Bookworm team through one of my MOST sterling student volunteers Shreya Shetty. When Shreya introduced us to Mazi ( that is what he is called), his smile warmed my soul almost immediately. Just thinking of this young man brings me happiness and then he delivers every time. How can I not rejoice. 

We were and are struggling for support on the team as we try and reach out to more and more diverse groups and when we heard that Mahzooz had a break and might be available, a slight tremor of hope filled the time tabling. 

We set off with Mahzooz, uncharacteristically quiet in the car. I was concerned. Has Professional college killed the spirit of this boy? Should I be going and talking to his teachers  ? ( sorry! these responses come unbidden to me) Is all well in his romantic life? His home? Mahzooz quelled our fears with one sentence ‘it is too early to talk’. It was close to 11. 00 am but what do we know about youth any more. My day begins at 5.00 am!

When we got to school, Mahzooz began to smile. The warm breakfast we are served in this school warmed him up some more. We set off with our boxes, books, lesson plans, registers, art material into class and all I had was a brief 3 minutes to tell Mahzooz about my plan and what he should do, before 39 std 5 students greeted us. They had a look out, who was peeking and when I was spotted bulk and all, there was a call of ‘aillee’, ‘aillee’ and Mazi and I were ushered into a class of eager story listeners and book borrowers. 

Nijugrapher-Bookworm_Trust-Kudchire_School - 1 - DSC_1228

We had a good class, made efficient and practical with Mazi by my side. He would not wait for me to fluster and fuss for material or stationery, it was ALWAYS at hand and he is such a gentleman. I was not permitted to bend, not permitted to lug heavy boxes and he kept the students at a safe distance so that we had no crowding in the class. He is a natural and how blessed we are to have Mazi on a day when he is available and the program needed him most of all .

Nijugrapher-Bookworm_Trust-Kudchire_School - 2 - DSC_1255

Nijugrapher-Bookworm_Trust-Kudchire_School - 1 - DSC_1281

Nijugrapher-Bookworm_Trust-Kudchire_School - 4 - DSC_1323

We await his return and in the meanwhile I celebrate youth like this who are finding a balance and beautifully, at that!

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  1. This is amazing, sorry, been busy with exams and meeting people who are back home on holiday! You guys are awesome, I really wish I could come to bookworm more often. I really enjoy the time i spend with you guys, everytime i meet! I always get the sweetest compliments that just lights me up for days after! All of you guys really are awesome people and never let anyone tell you anything else. Hope to meet soon, and do my part to help out!

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