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Volunteering with Bookworm
July 31, 2014

Blog post by Shreya

I started volunteering with Bookworm because I love kids and I thought the work they do is really good. But when I started volunteering with them I realized it’s not just good but excellent! I have been volunteering with them for almost a year and a half and this time had been wonderful. The work that people at Bookworm do is always keeping in mind the children and that’s the reason the kids also love them. After working with them I have learnt so much about kids, how they think, what they like and so much more. I also noticed the improvement in the reading ability among the kids. Bookworm has taught the kids how to reading can be fun. It’s amazing to see how kids who first had to be forced to read would now want to read not just one but 3-4 books at once. Volunteering with bookworm has also helped me understand the value of education. The kids that I volunteered with were so nice, so passionate and most of all were so keen to learn more and read more and this can be credited to the Bookworm team who have put in so much of effort to make this possible.




I would also love to say what a brilliant team the bookworm team is. They always put the kids before themselves and every activity that they plan is keeping in mind the kids. They are wonderful people who do wonderful work. Working with this team was a blast! They are crazy, funny, fun, passionate and colourful people. But most of all they are amazing teachers who make learning and reading fun and who genuinely love and care for kids. What more could a student ask for. I would love to thank Bookworm for this awesome opportunity to volunteer with them, through which I learned so much. And also I would like to encourage people to go work with Bookworm because they are brilliant at what they do and working with them is very satisfying and loads of fun.


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