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December 13, 2013

We wanted an early start so we set out on Friday the 13th at 4:15pm. As Tallulah had promised it were a long and an adventurous walk.

GP1At the start of our walk we noticed that we were walking along the mangroves. It was wonderful to see the mangroves so closely. She pointed out to the arial roots of the mangroves, the snails, barnacles and oysters.



We walked a little ahead and saw the drumstick tree and the ‘Acasia’ tree. This tree had beautiful fruits that once dry fall off the tree. They were spread all over the ground and Tallulah mentioned to us that they have a chemical called ‘saponin’ in them which gives them a soap producing property. So we collected these fruits to do our experiment at home (which worked!).

gp4A little further we noticed a ‘Pagoda Ant nest’ on a tree. The nest is beautifully layered and we learnt that the ‘Rufous’ woodpecker feeds on these ants.

gp5Further ahead we spotted 2 Orioles, a stork billed Kingfisher, Swallows, Pariah Kite and Rosy Starlings.

Our trek made us feel as if we were walking through a jungle with lots of tall grass around us, passing through tunnels of shrubs and plants and the quiet that we experience in the wild with the fact being that we were only a kilometer away from the highway!


gp7Just before we ended our walk we sat in the field for a bit to smell the freshness of the grass and watch the sun go down.




Getting back to the car we took a look at the ‘treasures’ we collected, which included berries, wild fruits, feathers and snail shells.


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