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Auxilium Primary School, Caranzalem
…and we heard Mala’s Silver Anklets!
November 30, 2013

CHIK CHIK CHUM!!! CHIK CHIK CHUM!!!! The students were amazed to see and hear the sound of the silver anklets in the classroom.

With the excitement and inattentiveness of the students Sheena and I managed to settle them and a new book was introduced to them. The illustrations of Mala’s Silver Anklets brought the smiles on each students face of Auxilium- Caranzalem.

In another class the students said ”Bhooth” when I showed them the cover page of the book. They were making fun of Mala and enjoying the pages being turned with  loud laughter and giggling.

.., Sometimes even giving the special star to the students don’t work. Though the class was too noisy; over excited with their upcoming event in the school and with their pom-poms in hand, (these being ups and downs) our class went smoothly.

As  I was reading aloud the story to them, they were repeating the words “chik chik chum”. It was so lovely to see them reading from the big book. They would guess what could happen next in the story. “Ata tei tajya papa’k beinkdaitalein”, they even brought a character to the story who was not mentioned in except for his picture on the first page

During our post story discussion, most were still confused about whether Mala would be able to frighten her family,the  cat and the postman again. At the end they came to the conclusion that Mala would frighten her family as she had taken off her anklets!

It was an interactive session where most of the students spoke freely about how they scare or had scared others. This, after I told them about how I used to scare my friends.

Soon after the read aloud and the post story discussion we sang a song on Mala:

She scares me and I scare her too,

 Mala is her name na.

Ching-Ching, Chiing Ching Ching X3

And Mala is her name na…….

We used the anklets to make the sound and it became a musical instrument of sorts!

The cut out of the  foot that they stuck on their book worked well. They loved the activity! It didn’t take much time to explain to them what had to be done. They enjoyed drawing their own anklets. The most amazing part of the extension was the sketch pens, which we gave them for the first time.

My experience with Mala’s Silver Anklets and the students has been wonderful!


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