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Our Saturday Mornings
November 25, 2013

At the start of the academic year in June, it was sad to lose a number of our core Preschool Morning regulars as they had moved up to class one and now have school on Saturday too.

Over the next couple of months a fresh lot of kids came in but not on a regular basis. It has only been over the last two month that the group is more or less stable and we see some kids regularly. Tiffany, Rhea, Sara, Dhairya and Sid are the new ‘regulars’.



Being familiar with the program and all of us at the library, they are able to interact more comfortably with each other and us.

They are all able to join in for the greeting song and know that the story read aloud follows. With attention spans growing, they now engage in the story better and are more attentive.



Dhairya and Sid still need to be coaxed to join in the game but they do so quickly.  Now more often when craft is being done most of them want to work on their own.



It is good to see them growing in confidence, participating more actively and becoming more independent.


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