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The Creek Trail
October 4, 2013

We were in two minds whether to go ahead with the walk as it was raining heavily that evening. But in the spirit of things, Tallulah, who leads the Green Print program, Suhani, Sushmita, Evans, Marietta and I set off to explore the creek at St. Cruz. On reaching the creek the weather let up for a bit and for the next hour we were able to make our way down a narrow overgrown path along the bund.


It never ceases to amaze me how much diversity there is in nature, be in the flora or fauna. Suhani and Sushmita happily picked a variety of wildflowers which they examined closely in the ‘bug box’ that Suhani had remembered to bring along. Tallulah, at this point, spotted some wild ‘bhendi’, much to the amazement of all of us.  Bright red wild berries, tempting enough to eat, caught our attention…but we thought better of it.





Evans was more interested in spotting birds and he did so easily and confidently. Further  along, we spotted ‘pretty yellow flowers’ that Talullah informed us was called an Inflourescence. There was a point when we ‘city slickers’ Jgot a bit apprehensive about snakes as the path was waist high with foliage and it the light was starting to fade. But Tallulah confidently pressed on a little further before signaling for us to start making our way back.



On reaching the main road we decided to back track a bit until we reached a culvert where we stopped and spotted some egrets and darters. All through the walk, black dragonflies flitted around us, settling occasionally for a moment long enough for us to get a quick click!


At a little landing stage we even spied a water snake darting quickly through the murky water as it stalked it prey. With the clouds get dark and heavy again we slowly made our way back. And as dusk settled down around us, a flying fox cried above us as it made its way to a nearby tree. Others birds chattered overhead as they settled down for the night. We reached our cars and not a moment sooner for the heavens opened once more and it poured.


Going out into nature on such walks is very special for me. It’s an opportunity to get away from the bustle and noise of the city to these quiet, tranquil spots that are still untouched. So peacefully and calming!

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