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Really Little Fingers In Std 2 at Mae dos Pobres, Nuvem
October 3, 2013

I was all set and ready to go!! I had planned and prepped for my first Read Aloud (RA) with Std. 2.

Part of my planning included using thread to create a cat’s cradle.  


  … but the game didn’t work for the day as the children’s little fingers were too small to coordinate the thread into a cradle. So like all good educators I learnt and adapted and in the next class I just demonstrated the game. To the children, it was magical and like a magician the cats cradle would open at khulja sim-sim!!!!!.


I was nervous as it was my first Read Aloud lesson which also had a song, but with the support of Elaine I managed to sing to the class and the students sang along as well. They were trying their best to do the actions. I am always happy to see the interest of the students in all these pre story activities.

IMG_8626We went to our next part of the plan i.e. the core of the class the Read Aloud, according to me. This is the time when everyone turns silent and attentive and it shows how effective story telling is, even in a noisy distracted young classroom! The story read aloud went smoothly though some students were distracted in the beginning but later the story itself and the interesting pictures drew their attention to the story. They started forming animals with fingers during RA when I demonstrated how one finger can become a dog!


The book Little Fingers is a kind of book that draws children into the story and I know my first Read Aloud in the classroom was a successful one because I was helped by a good book and a good lesson plan.


By and large my first RA was good and had lot of new experiences.




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