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Bookfair at Little Penguins Primary School
July 31, 2013

On a beautiful Saturday morning the red Bookworm van made its way to Little Penguins Primary School to organize a book fair.

We reached there late after a bit of an adventure and got to work immediately.


A warm welcome from the Principal and more helping hands saw us set up the room in about 20 minutes.

Within minutes of setting up we had enthusiastic parents browsing through the collection.


Before I realized it we had the children of class 1 and 2 seated in the room listening to a read aloud. The children were very excited and had lots to share with Krystal.


It was heartening to see the response of the parents. They were asking for books on specific topics and in general were open to suggestions.

Then the children of class 3 and 4 came to the room to attend their story session. Much to my delight I had little children walk up to me, waving some money in their hands and asking if they could buy a book worth that denomination. The excitement of buying a book was so immense that some of them had to be called back to take their change!

After making quick purchases they sat down to listen to their story with rapt attention. The awe moment being the opening of the “Big” book!


Despite the bell ringing the children were still not done with their browsing.

I realize that the journey of spreading the joys of reading is very difficult but when we see the sparkle and delight in the eyes of the little ones it is extremely rewarding and priceless.

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