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Stirrrring it up with Vandana Naique! (Day 5)
April 19, 2013

Excitement even before entering the library today….everyone knows its that day of the week when we go to the kitchen of ‘the lady who makes the yummmy brownies’!

Yup! Today the kids are visiting the kitchen of Vandana Naique; the lady behind the brownies!

And so we’re ready to set off; 2 car fulls. When we get to the kitchen, slight scramble as everyone wanted a front row seat (….all the better to be closer to the chocolate!)

Stir it upThe kids were introduced to the team…that was all it took for the questions to start flowing! They quickly scanned through their recipe sheets together and satisfied with what they saw, they were ready to begin!

Stir it up (1)


All hands got involved in the process….the little kid chefs in the domain of the big adult chef….and the interaction was charming

Stir it up (8)

Stir it up (2)They had end number of questions for Vandana….

“Are we really making cupcakes today?”

“How do we know when it’s done?”

“Can we take the cookies home?”

“Can we make this at home also?”

….and she answered all of them patiently. And talked them through the process as well.

(She’s also the person who handed out brownies to all the kids; so no prizes for guessing what their favourite art of the day was!)

Stir it up (3)All the little chefs were kept busy and involved through the making of the chocolate chip cookies ….and through it all, attention was at a peak as they beat, whipped, added, mixed,  and added still more chocolate to the batter!

Stir it up (7)

Stir it up (6)The cookies were tucked into the oven and the stirring up of the batter for the cupcakes started.

Stir it up (4)…but making the cupcakes was not all. The icing bags were then brought out and so was the chocolate ganache for the topping. (Sugar high and chocolate OD were by now evident!)

Stir it up (9)And what better way to complete the picture……SPRINKLES! A frantic dash to the bowl….and the sprinkling was underway!

Stir it up (10)

Stir it up (11)They had made their cake, decorated it….there was; logically speaking; only one thing left to do….eat it!

Stir it up (12)

Stir it up (13)I can’t help but say… in the words of Cookie Monster- “C is for cookie and cookie is for me!”

At the end of the session, happy kids (slightly covered in chocolate) trooped out of the kitchen with goody boxes in hand….cookies and cake!

Stir it up (14)

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