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Stirrrrrrr it up (Day 1)
April 15, 2013

Summer….fun….food….mangoes too?! 🙂

Excited kids for sure!

And thus was day 1 of Stir It Up (cooking workshop) happening in the library this week.

Crumble (1)

13 excited kids all coming with their own vocabulary and observed and perhaps inherited cooking styles at the same table. The workshop started off with the kids giving us words from their own little Larousse Gastronomiques (encyclopedia of gastronomy). We heard words like “Fry”, “Sizzle”, “Stir”, “Mix”, “Saute”, “Mash” and some explanations that came with rapid hand actions that we added words for.

The discussion then went on to what we were making today…..crumbs, biscuits, sugar, NUTELLA! And ofcourse you’ve already figured that all ears, eyes and hands were on deck; washed and ready to get sticky!

Crumble (9)

As the recipe progressed, all the little hands got busy with sieving the flour, stirring things in, measuring the butter and the occasional dip of a finger into the batter bowl. The attention got heightened as they read off item by item on the recipe sheets….meant they were getting closer to the chocolate part!

Crumble (4)

Crumble (3)

Crumble (5)

Crumble (11)

Crumble (8)

And the moment it went into the oven, they wanted to know when it would be out! And like clockwork; every 5 minutes, they asked.

Crumble (6)

Crumble (12)

Crumble (13)

But that wasn’t it for the day! Then came the making of the Hawaiian Sandwiches. Each little person had their own customized tastes and preferences on how they would like their sandwich….and so no 2 sandwiched were found to be the same! The half slice of pineapple on most of those sandwiches was smiling in any case!

Crumble (7)

No prizes for guessing what was on the menu for lunch and dessert that afternoon!









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