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Eggggggciting News….and stories too!
April 2, 2013


Ahhhhhh…Saturday morning! And what better way to kick off the Easter weekend than an egg hunt?! And so it was! Bookworm and a bunch of excited kids headed off to F.L. Gomes Park in Campal for a morning of fun in the sun!


Easter Egg Hunt 017

Easter Egg Hunt 008

Starting off with a story (but ofcourse!) called Easter Egg Hunt, the kids were all ears and all hands were waiting to get their hands on the Easter eggs!Easter Egg Hunt 019

And when they heard the word “GO!”….they were off! Through the bushes, on branches of shrubs, under the leaves; they left no stone unturned, literally!Easter Egg Hunt 043

And every minute or so, they’d come charging back with a newly found egg! “How many more are left?!” “I found one!” “ I got more than you did!” “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!” Yes, excitement was ‘eggsactly’ what we’d hoped for!

Easter Egg Hunt 038


Easter Egg Hunt 058

Easter Egg Hunt 065

The collection of Easter books was on display in honour of the festivity of the week…..and right on cue, we cracked up as we listened to some riddles from the Easter Yolks book.

Easter Egg Hunt 077

Oil pastels were in full action as the kids decorated their own paper eggs and the colours were all about! Patterns and prints were transferred to paper with great enthusiasm as the kids still asked “are there any more eggs for us?!”

Easter Egg Hunt 135

Easter Egg Hunt 113

The little worms then made little chickens….and to compete the day entirely… can imagine the glee when they found the eggs in their little baskets!

Easter Egg Hunt 142


Outdoors…..the little worms, with books. Fabulous!

Easter Egg Hunt 114



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