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The Sweetest Mango at Cacra
March 27, 2013

Tuesday….Cacra MOP! Lesson planning is done! Betty, Sujata and I discussed what was going to be done. Edy sir is ready with the van loaded, books in, stationary packed and a big book just waiting to be read.

Cacra 2013-03-26 17.24.43 (4)

Today we had Isa and Flavia who visited the Cacra site with us.  As the van pulled up and the kids gathered around; all wanting to lend a hand and carry a box or tell the team what they had read or something that had happened in the course of their week; their curiosity was immediately piqued by the 2 ladies now greeting them as well.

Cacra 2013-03-26 17.24.43 (2)
Cacra 2013-03-26 17.24.43

A quick round in introductions later and all was settled. The kids were ready to read their story books during the free browsing time to Isa and Flavia….and they were immediately involved. For the next 20 mins, stories went all around….and the excitement built up as it was getting closer to “make a circle” time.

Full excitement as the kids came went through a version of charades wherein they were required to identify various fruit. They all agreed that its getting hotter….and there are certain fruits that are definitely more easily available at this time of the year…and they all agreed that it was the mango!

Cacra 2013-03-26 17.24.43 (5)

The Sweetest Mango is the book that was read aloud. And the kids enjoyed it….all of them having their own stories of mangoes they’d eyed or even better, how they liked to eat those mangoes.

Cacra 2013-03-26 17.24.43 (1)

Cacra 2013-03-26 17.24.43 (3)

The extension activity; a part of the session that never fails to generate excitement; included the kids colouring a cut out of a mango (the kids that they liked most) and then generating a list of ways they liked to eat mangoes…. Curry! Juice! Simply! (implying plain J) Cut! Lonche! (pickle) ….and all with such excitement!

….the sweetest mango at MOP in Cacra.


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