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Bindi Su’s drives down the road….
February 25, 2013

The little red car from Bookworm made a stop down the road, not too far from the library space in Taleigao!

Early one Wednesday morning…yes! It was an SBT day and Bindi Su visited the Government Primary School class at 9:30 A.M.

“Teacher! Maine usse dekha hai!” “Hann main bhi!” were the yells that were heard when the kids saw the book we were going to do! Clearly Bindi Su has made her mark and is no unfamiliar sight to the kids around our area….and beyond.

As class went on and we discussed things that we would see on our way to school….answers amused and delighted as usual. “Car!”, “Tumhari laal ghar!” (Implying Bookworm’s library space…AWWWWW!!), “Fish market!”, “Sao Paolo!”, “Church!” ….and me trying to make a list as the answers rained down.

And then came the book reading…….and that distincly audible sound of…..NOTHING! Silence….until Kajal shoots up and say “Illustrator, draws the pictures in the book!” They’re used to my standard questions by now. And then the pages turn….and eyes light up…and questions brim…the comments are waiting to overflow. …the magic of a book!

The activity as always followed this…..but this week, it came with a twist. And the kids could hardly believe it. Yup…they were each given a copy of Bindi Su and were allowed to let their pencils and crayons come fill in the blank pages with how they thought Bindi Su would proceed.

And on what then became colourful pages, Bindi Su stopped. Bindi Su went home. Bindi Su met other animals. Bindi Su saw trees. Bindi Su took over their imaginations.

And as that class ended…the excitement was tangible as they asked again in almost disbelief, if they were really to take the books. I was certain as I walked out of that class….Bindi Su will keep going!


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