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Thread Narratives Invitation
January 6, 2013


Dear Needlecrafter,

Greetings from Bookworm in 2013.

We continue to push and dream that forms of language are all equally important for our creative selves and this year we would like to announce a Thread Narrative exploration through a favourite/ much inspired story.

The creative rules are simple:

1. Think of a story – that has stayed with you. What did it mean ? What did it represent for you? How would you like to translate something from the story using thread and fabric?

2.  Find a bit of fabric ( 12 inches X 12 Inches) and start your thread narrative.  Share your story memory with us using thread and fabric. Any style, any composition, any form.

3. Write back and let us know you are signing up. We will link you to the thread narrative blog and we will keep posting and sharing ideas, difficulties, insights as we stitch along.

4. Submission of work, either high res digital ( if you live out of Goa) or the physical piece by 30th August  2013.

5. Exhibition of work in September, 2013 in Goa.

6. Carefully curated pieces will be chosen for Bookworm’s Calendar of 2014 around Thread Narratives and Story.

Sign up, stitch with us as we keep the story alive in 2013 and grow.

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  1. […] send out invitation to Thread Narrative last […]

  2. Yes I would loe to be a part of this, have begun my work !

    1. Welcome. Looking forward 🙂

  3. My fingers are all thumbs, but from however back I can remember, I always dreamed of doing things with needle and thread. And so, one of my earliest memories of this was the time when I was about 9, we had to embroider hankies as part of a class project. I don’t remember what the boys had to do, it wasn’t needlework, that much I remember.
    Anyway, the big day came and as all the pretty stuff was hung out to be admired, I realised mine was “rubbish”. While all the other hankies had pretty flowers and ducks and delicate designs on them, mine was ill-hemmed and simply had my name embroidered in loopy lazy-daisies: M. Sandhya. My heart sank…
    Then my teacher said: You know what, your’s is the best because you did it yourself… nobody helped you with it, and it was your idea entirely.
    I have never forgotten that…
    Then, much later, I attempted to do other stuff, equally crass, but with great love and passion. So, I shall attempt to plunge into it again…

  4. My mundane routine is so mechanical. I’ve been meaning to sign on to this for a breath of fresh air, but been hesitant because I know I will slack and not keep up with deadlines. Then, last night, I dreamt I was stitching, sitting right beside Sujata. It was a sign 🙂 I’m in!

  5. Dear Jennifer!

    Welcome. We will stitch together and we will piece ourselves back as we get more fragmented by the lives we choose to live. Thank you for signing up. It validates something for me and affirms that I am not the only one who has this need to put needle to cloth, to sew, to slow down, to allow the medium to tell a story and communion with me.

    So looking forward to everyone. ..
    Sandhya we will reconnect over our stitches and Bindu will patch work her way to my soul and many more will come , I know.
    I await,


  6. I shared this activity with my friends at Shikshamitra, the place where I work and 6 of us are very interested to take part. We are working together, on each of our pieces, once a week, the only time that we meet. We have been discussing our stories and today we spoke about Goa – location and culture. And suddenly realized that we need to quickly sign up.

    Thank you Bookworm! We – Shahnaz, Hena, Sunita, Noor, Maura and Proma are now stitching our way to you! 🙂

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