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Mobile Outreach Program
Mobile Outreach Program is back in Cacra
November 30, 2012

Milan Khanolkar illustrator of Bindi Su, drove to Cacra with Bookworm Cacra MOP team, Betty and Edy and they all had a whale of a time on the beach!

The children were happy to find the MOP van back after the monsoons and the beach awaited Bindi Su. 

Edy and Betty who are new to Cacra found a connect immediately as the children were not new to Bookworm, books and MOP sessions. They participated most fully in the story and activity and loved to hear about Bindi Su from Milan who created the little red car that drives all over Goa and never stops, or does she?

Tuesdays are Cacra days and we look forward to the next few months of reading, learning, listening and doing on a quiet small fishing strip of Goa. 

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