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Stepping out of the Library…
October 16, 2012

Our most recent update from MOP, Taleigao was that the site was back to functioning within the library space as a result of the ongoing monsoon.

This meant that the kids would come in to the library every Saturday at 5 p.m. and the story time and extension activity would happen there, surrounded by books.

As comfortable as this set up may seem, we have been trying to identify a more open space that was welcoming to anyone who would join in the session, more so, because MOP functions on the principle of taking the experience of story-telling and books out to the children of some of the poorest socio-economic groups in Goa.

In our pursuit for this space, we narrowed down on the old Taleigao Panchayat Hall as being the ideal location for us to conduct the activity. A beautiful old structure with an open, covered space, with murals depicting the history of Taleigao’s paddy cultivation, what better place than that to have an activity that’s aimed at being for the community?!

Thus, after many visits, endless phone calls and much anticipation, Bookworm was granted permission to use the space once a week! And thus began the walk….from the library to Casa de Povo. 

And on that first evening, 27 children along with 2 teachers walked down the road; books, stationary and mats in hand; to the new MOP site. The kids were excited to be there; and they explored the surroundings with great curiosity. And when the time came, the mats were set up, the kids settled down, and the story began.

As we read Line and Circle, the impact of being in that space was evident as some of the responses we got to the question- what can you see around that has lines and circles. “Teacher! Wahan….suraj!”, “Bat and ball”, “woh joh light hai” (a lamp post). ….magic! 

And so as it is…MOP Taleigao is back to being outdoors! This kids are happy to be there….and so are we!



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