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Bindi Su goes to Green Meadows School
October 9, 2012

(Posted by Sadhana Patel)

On 4th October, Bindi Su the little red car arrived at Green Meadows primary school in Bookworm’s red van accompanied by the wonderfully talented story teller Elaine, the truly lovely illustrator Milan and the best support in the form of Krystal and Jyoti.

The sessions were split into two parts, The first session began with the nursery, lower and upper kindergarten and the second with first and second year pupils.They listened animatedly to the story of Bindi Su’s journey as told by Elaine and her hand puppets.

It was not just the children who were mesmerized by the vibrant colours of Milan’s original artwork and Milan’s simplicity worked magically with the youngsters.

There was much excitement during the craft activity while children, painted and applied bindis to make their own Bindi Su fridge magnets.

The afternoon progressed with 1st and 2nd year pupils drawing Bindi Su maps of their own to show the landscape and structures that Bindi Su would pass on her way from their own homes to school. Milan’s interaction with the older pupils including them seeing her very first drafts made with ordinary pastels, and crayons on ordinary paper, moving to her hand –made paper book, then to the final paintings and of course the finished product – Bindi Su in print. That in itself was an amazing visual journey for some of us


The session ended with impatient children waiting to receive their own copy of Bindi Su  and the school having to promise one more Bindi Su craft activity for the children who refused to accept the end the day!

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