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Fund raising at Bookworm
September 30, 2012

For the past 5 of the 7 years of Bookworm, efforts to fund raise by way of a giant jumble sale have been organised. The purpose was  to keep alive the core of Bookworms’ work – The Mobile Outreach Program and The School Book Treasury Program.

These programs help over a thousand children across Goa and promote literacy and learning through the joy of reading by providing access to book borrowing and interactive sessions.

These projects, cost 5 lakh each, per year to maintain and as always we are facing the annual struggle to raise these funds to keep the projects alive. Even though the jumble sale is hugely supported and has raised as much as 2-3 lakhs in the past, the time, help and energy it requires to organise something on this scale is no longer possible or viable given that we cannot cover the cost of even one project from the proceeds.

However without fundraising events both projects are at real risk of being stopped altogether. As far as we know these are the only programs providing this type of outreach work to underprivileged children in Goa. It is a lifeline for most of these children and it is a vital and integral part of who we are at Bookworm.

We refuse to envisage the closure of these vital projects and therefore we have taken the bold step of initiating new schemes and spreading out our fund raising events during the year. We seek your continued full hearted support with these initiatives.

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