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Editor Deeyali Nayar of Tulika Books at Bookworm
September 11, 2012

When Deeyali Nayar of Tulika Books visited us, she came bearing freshness and light. She came bearing gifts of Tulika books she has translated and food. She came offering support and love and team Bookworm embraced it all.

We were honored and happy when Deeya said she was on a micro visit to Goa and Bookworm was a must stop on her whirlwind sight seeing trip.

As we interacted with Deeya at Bookworm, she shared how Tulika has grown , how it is driven by the vision and hard work of Radhika Menon and how the team at Tulika work with passion and honesty – knowing which books they want to do and why.

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For all of us at Bookworm, Tulika books are a staple diet. They are the books we use and use well. They have the stories that allow us to make story telling engaging and learning experiences, they are the books that inform us and show us how a good book  should be. So, as we heard paragraphs and pages about Tulika’s publishing story, the women who make the team, the energy that drives the vision, we felt empowered, hopeful and blessed.

Thank you Deeya for visiting and for being more than the light bearer! You brought with you, to us ,light!

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