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Bookworm with NoMoZo featured in Navhind Times Buzz 12th May 2012
May 13, 2012


Panaji is going to witness a unique citizen’s initiative called NoMoZo (Non-Motorized  Zone), which  will make its debut on Sunday,  May 13 between 9 a.m. to 12 noon on a stretch  of road between Kala Academy and 2 Signal Training Centre. 

A non-motorized zone is a designated length of road where adults, children, senior citizens and differently abled people can walk freely, cycle,  jog, roller skate, exercise, play, explore and meet fellow citizens. Ideated by an enthusiastic group of citizens called Aamchi Panaji working as a team with Corporation of the City of Panaji, it addresses the complex issue of traffic congestion and how all our city streets are piling up with a burgeoning number of private cars and other vehicles.

It seeks to educate citizens that the solution lies not in widening roads to accommodate more cars but to replace every 30 cars with a city bus, dedicated cycle lanes and pedestrian paths. Freeing the streets of private vehicles predominantly cars, NoMoZo will allow people to move freely, decrease vehicular congestion, lower pollution caused by emissions, improve health and sustain urban mobility. Many groups have extended support and will be participating at NoMoZo.

The Sunday Evening Quiz Club will have a quiz session while Bookworm Children’s Library will conduct a treasure hunt, book reading session and an interesting art session with Harshada Kerkar. All these activities have been planned on the side lanes parallel to the main thoroughfare which will be exclusively used by pedestrians, cyclists and roller skaters. To experience a car-free street, simply walk or cycle to the Kala Academy Junction on DB Marg. For residents or visitors from the outskirts of the city or outside, you could park at the Parade Grounds, Kala Academy parking lot or the Betim Ferry Point. Citizen volunteers and supporters of this initiative will be working as a team with the Traffic Cell Panaji to help diversions in traffic between 2 Signal Training Junction and the Kala Academy Junction. So shop and wrap up all your personal chores early Sunday morning and keep your date with NoMoZo.

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