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Cholta Cholta - Walking tours of Goa
Cholta Cholta at Taleigao
February 24, 2011
Cholta cholta walked into the fields of Taleigao this month. An unforgettable experience, for all participants.
We started our walk by visiting Green Essentials- a garden store that encourages all things organic. Yogita and her mum were most welcoming and gracious. The children were ‘walked’ through garden implements, manures and other material, shown books and things and generally had a good taste of what is to come. The highlight for all our Cholta participants was Yoigita’s gift of tomato seeds and a starting pot. We have asked the children to take pictures of thier first garden efforts to share with all.
We then walked to a Taleigao farm – as we approached the air felt cooler the soil got sandier and we were in a farm. We were surrounded by colour, texture and fruit. The children learnt about the various crops, their season and cycle, yanked out large turnips and plucked pumpkin flowers. The farmer and his wife were so gracious and generous in giving produce and encouraging the children to touch, feel and look.

We were thankful and grateful to still have these patches of a natural heritage and a traditional occupation to share with young children. We look forward to more.

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