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Book Buzz: Let’s Share
January 15, 2011

Hello Everyone,

We’re eagerly looking forward to start reading the pick for January. Hope you have managed to get a copy and are all set to devour the book! In the meanwhile, we’re curious to know what you have been reading in the last few months. So why not share a few lines about the book you last read with others here at Book Talk? May be something you loved, may be something you disliked or may be something you did not get through! If not inspired, we’d at least be warned.

So please spare a few minutes to briefly tell us about anything you’ve read recently, fiction/non fiction/poetry or even a graphic novel! We see this as a good opportunity to also get to know fellow book talkers a bit better. So cast away your weekend-weariness and tell us something which might inspire us to go pick a new book!

Let’s bring this alive and abuzz!

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