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June 25, 2008

Bookworm, Panjim

Dear Bookworm Parents,

As you are aware, Bookworm publishes a magazine for children called The Bookworm Magazine.

We launched the Magazine last year with the scaffolding and impetus given to us by bookworm parent Gulnar. We continue to put this Magazine together, because the response from the children in schools has been very promising.

We have teachers who use the Magazine as a reading tool and medium in their classroom and this among many other things is encouraging.

We priced the Magazine at Rs.10 for last year and have nudged it up to Rs.15 this year to meet rising costs. But the quality ( paper and print) that we believe is essential to good reading material makes it necessary for us to have advertisement support.

Elaine and myself despite our best efforts, are very poor and inadequate at marketing.

We have to acknowledge that we are not able to ‘sell’ the space in the Magazine to advertisers, despite the acknowledgement that it is a great product, goes out to 29 schools and counting ! Please help.

We are attaching the Bookworm Magzine Advertisement appeal with this mail and request you to please look at it and or forward it to any person/s who might consider advertising. Elaine and I are happy to follow up with any potential advertiser. We need your support to allow the Magazine to survive.

Many thanks as always


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  1. I like and appriciate what you have written

    1. Dear Riz
      thank you for your comment. We like readers like you

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