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Workshops and Activities

Bookworm Library runs various workshops and activities in and around the Library for all ages throughout the year, but especially in the summer. Individual details and dates are posted on the blog as they draw near, but recent offerings include…

Green Thumb
Bookworm garden workshopMonsoon gardening workshops that provide children opportunities to learn more about their food and where it comes from. A range of exciting activities and projects that involve parents as well as their kids… it’s Get, Set, Grow!

Let’s Cook and Bake
Bookworm cooking workshopHands-on workshops that teach and enable children to measure, stir, sift, sieve, knead, cut, scrape, julienne and more while reading and interpreting recipes. Kids even get the chance to create their own recipes as they learn about food, nutrition, cuisines, and food.

Bookworm wordsmith workshopUsing words to express ideas and thoughts in creative ways, young writers learn about different forms of writing, create their own Bookworm Times, interact with a host of different writers during the workshop and learn about the essential elements in developing a short story, book, film review, graphic comic or picture story.

Clay Animation
Bookworm wizard animationA fascinating workshop run by Monsoon Grey for Bookworm. The children (some aged 18!) were encouraged to write the script, create the backdrops, model the clay, and then create the animation by remodelling and moving the figures in small steps. Watch their final result!

Cholta Cholta Heritage Walks
cholta choltaLearn while you walk! Formulated for kids 9+, these short (2 hour) guided walks by Sujata Noronha and Pritha Sardessai are themed to explore themes and histories of Panjim – ranging from the statues of Panjim from the GPO to the Old Secretariat, to the symbols and colours of differing religions from Mahalaxmi Temple to Panjim Church, to the architectural heritage of the Latin Quarter of Fontainhas, and to the timeless pleasure of Campal Promenade’s trees.

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