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LiS Experience
October 17, 2017

Our Libraries in Schools Program (LiS) provides age appropriate books to children through a weekly library session in schools. We use storytelling and various story related activities to encourage reading, thinking and literacy. These sessions include grade appropriate books for browsing, discussions, songs, story related games, read aloud story time, story linked extension activities and […]

Questions and Answers
October 8, 2017

So, Bookworm continues to reside in popular memory as a children’s library. A hole – in – the – wall that has some books for lending. No questions asked here. As awareness increases and one begins to understand the scale of our outreach work and the number of children who get a systematic, creative library […]

Non Fiction books
October 1, 2017

As part of our Libraries in School Program (LiS), it has been our endeavor to develop a love for books and reading in children. This also means exposing them to various types of books in various ways. This year, as part of our LiS syllabus, we had decided that we would add a new unit […]

A Non Reader Amongst Readers – HELP !
September 28, 2017

Before joining Bookworm, I always thought that food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs of people. But I realise I was quite wrong. Before my time here, I have been in the company of people who spoke about T.V and its contents, Face Book and the posts on FB and all sorts of entertainment […]

The First Five Weeks
September 12, 2017

I joined Bookworm on 31 July, a Monday. I was quite nervous – I had met some of the team earlier and they were IMPRESSIVE. The Monday Morning Meeting (3M?) was full of banter and bonhomie. As with all organisations, in-house acronyms were flying all over the place – RAT, BT, RA, HRA (not house […]

As I was going through the selection of “Award Winning Books” I saw this book and started reading it. I liked the book very much because it was about two Ducks looking for a place to settle down in a city. Ducks are adorable creatures and I liked them as characters in the story. The […]

The book was recommended to me by Anandita as she felt that it was a very nice book. The cover page of this book was what tempted me to finally start reading it. The theme of this book is “Gender”. I went online to find out more about the author, illustrator and the book itself. […]

Mister God, this is Anna By Fynn
September 11, 2017

Image courtesy: There are books that one can gently devour, whose words settle satisfyingly into habitual plots and slots in the mind; there are books that once finished leave one with a sense of dissatisfaction or even annoyance; there are books that raise questions with a thoroughness that they sometimes fail to answer. And […]

Aldona has a BookStop!
September 1, 2017

It all started last year (late 2016) when Sujata asked me to find out how much it would cost to make a small shelf for books, which could be placed or hung in a noticeable, accessible spot. The shelf would have a metal frame and a couple of wooden shelves with some material to cover […]

The Rain
August 31, 2017

In our work,  we constantly try to brainstorm and  develop various activities for children. We hope that this will  encourage children to pick a book to read with interest, challenge their abilities and help build their imagination. What better way to capture one’s feelings and emotions in this monsoon than with a Rain Display to […]

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