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Bookworm Publishing hopes to bring several different types of books to the marketplace. The aim is to publish books for children that reflect their wider world but with a focus on Goa. The first has been well received and is called Bindi Su, the new red car excited to be on her first ever drive.

A complete series of books has been planned for children that explores both their cultural heritage and the natural world. Bookworm wants to work with local writers and artists in the production of these titles. They will then be available through schools, libraries and bookstores.


Bookworm is also working to publish some of the folk tales and poems that so far have been printed only in the Konkani language – the goal is to bring these to a wider audience in a multilingual format. The first book is the beautiful Bebeanchem Kazar – The Wedding of the Frogs – by Dr Manohar Rai Sardesai.

The final area that Bookworm has identified is the sharing of local history with the people around us, whether they be children finding out about the State’s capital city, along with their families, or people from the vibrant Goan visitor market. A book of Panjim walking tours called Cholta Cholta has been born with the help of Architect Pritha Sardessai. This is where cross pollination across the Bookworm organisation happens naturally as Cholta Cholta has grown from Bookworm Library children’s workshops held in the form of guided walking tours. History come to life through art and storytelling again!

Whilst Bookworm’s main passion and focus is our stories for young readers, books such as Bebeanchem Kazar and Cholta Cholta provide a small income stream to enable the publishing to continue.

You can buy our books from our online store or these stores in and out of Goa.

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