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Indian Books using Photography as Picture Book illustrations







1 Ponni the Flower Seller Sirish Rao   Tara Books
2 Babu the Waiter Sirish Rao   Tara Books
3 Cricket     Tulika
4 My Grandfather     Tulika
5 My Friends in the City     Tulika
6 My Godri Anthology     Bookworm
7 Mister JeeJee Bhoy and the Birds     Young Zubaan
8 Excuses Excuses     Tara Books
9 Our Incredible Cow     Tulika
10 Untold School Stories      
11 Lai-Lai the Baby Elephant      
12 Aiyappan and The Magic Horse      
13 My name is Amrita born to be an artist      
14 Ganga      
15 Why The Sky Blue      
16 Ira the Little Dolphin      
17 The Shining Stones      
18 Bijoy and the Big River      
19 Postcard from Ura      
20 The Coral Tree      
21 Baby Beboo Bear      
22 Tasveero Mein Gandhi      
23 Dinaben and the Lion of Gir      
24 Samudra Aur Mein      
25 My Gandhi scrapbook      
26 Chitrabodh      
27 Sultan’s Forest      
28 The Elephant at Camp      
29 River      
30 Rain      
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