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Picture Poetry or Poetree
September 17, 2017

What did the good teacher’s do, when the children were not reading poetry. That’s right! They shaped it up! The book ‘Picture a Poem’ by Gina Douthwaite (Author, Illustrator), allowed us to do just that. It had poems in all sorts of shapes – rocket, shoe, bat, dinosaur and more. We read some of these […]

What can be done on a summer’s night, which cannot be done on a summer’s day? Lying down beneath the dome of our sky and gazing above. No clouds are likely to float by. Even if they choose to visit on a no-moon night, they glisten a silver grey, just for you. Somehow the hot, […]

Written by Ana and Sammy April 2017, a time when the summer heat was its hottest in Goa and the Chimbel children were looking for fun things to do with their time. The MOP Team conferred and decided to give them something new! Something we knew the children would love… To begin with let me […]

Summer serendipity
May 28, 2017

Written by Meenakshi Menon An academic requirement it was. So it shall be written; so it shall be done. Cecil deMille immortalised this universal tenet in the biblical classic and I suddenly realised, cocooned in the comfort of campus life at Fergusson College that my time too had arrived to comply with the challenging task […]

Spring cleaning – A Learning from children
May 22, 2017

It was spring cleaning time at Cacra and Chimbel MOP libraries this summer as most of the children were busy with exams. The Resource Persons were armed with cleaning gear instead of books, just this once. We did not expect that the children will be there too, as their school exams had started. At Cacra […]

Indian Public Library Movement  came up with a basic spoken English course, ‘Basic Learning Practice: Easy way to learn English’.  It contains a exercise book and CDs with audio files that are the references for the exercises. The course material was initiated by the Indian Public Library Movement through it’s network of Public Libraries and […]

A Rainforest in Chimbel
April 10, 2017

A weekend library session was scheduled into my day. I would be at our community library room in Chimbel and it would be weeks since I was there, so I was excited and curious to experience the sessions we do at the library through our library educators. The story chosen was The Great Kapok Tree, […]

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