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Indian Public Library Movement  came up with a basic spoken English course, ‘Basic Learning Practice: Easy way to learn English’.  It contains a exercise book and CDs with audio files that are the references for the exercises. The course material was initiated by the Indian Public Library Movement through it’s network of Public Libraries and […]

Colour struck Bookworms
April 28, 2017

I have assisted in a couple of workshops and camps in the past but a lead?? This was my first. I love to draw and paint. I have used my gift of art as a stress buster, as a way to express my happiness, as a way to suppress my anger. But never had I […]

A Rainforest in Chimbel
April 10, 2017

A weekend library session was scheduled into my day. I would be at our community library room in Chimbel and it would be weeks since I was there, so I was excited and curious to experience the sessions we do at the library through our library educators. The story chosen was The Great Kapok Tree, […]

March 23, 2017

Another episode in the series of the Bookworm Mobile Outreach Program, was on it’s way to Chimbel after rigorous planning by Krystle, Terence and I. As always, we were greeted with 3-4 children running behind our bikes right as we entered the the doors of the closely knit community of Indiranagar. The book chosen for […]

From Read- Aloud to Listen – Quietly
March 18, 2017

Written by Krystle and Terence Read Aloud – a practice of bringing stories alive by reading from the text, is a significant ​ practice of ​ the Mobile Outreach Program (MOP) of Bookworm. Many children of various ages come to the various mobile library sites not just to borrow books, but also to listen to […]

Taking BOOKS to the doorsteps of CHILDREN!
February 5, 2017

Twelve-year-old Shahnawaz Nadaf is a restless boy. He runs around the small room in Indiranagar, Chimbel which doubles up as the Bookworm Children’s Library pinching and pushing other children. But that is only until the Bookworm resource persons begin the musical circle. Once the singing and the movement begins, Shahnawaz becomes calmer. The restless boy […]

Be the Change!
December 31, 2016

Written by Heather Peres Da Silva I was captivated by Arun Gandhi and Bethany Hegadus’ book, “Be the Change.” It is the perfect book to read as we enter the new year.  It will inspire hope for a  better tomorrow and love for the humble grandfather who led by example. The book gently teaches a […]

Teachers’ Day Celebration at Chimbel
September 26, 2016

Chimbel Community Library run through our Mobile Outreach Program (MOP) is the oldest site in the MOP. From the beginning itself our engagement with the site has been intense when compared to the other sites because of the large number of children who access the library. For the same reason we used to visit Chimbel […]

Interning at Bookworm
September 25, 2016

It all started off with me passing by the bookworm library on a nothing but normal evening when a sense curiosity struck me. Today, I’m grateful to that very sense of curiosity for having helped me to land where I am today. People ask me whether I regret taking a gap year, but to be […]

Eid Mubarak Book Release at Chimbel
August 31, 2016

One of the reasons I like the work at Bookworm is that I get to work on creating books. Recently we just released a book about Eid. The book is written and illustrated by the children of our Chimbel community library. This year at our Mobile Outreach Program (MOP) we are bringing different activities to […]

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