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Picture Poetry or Poetree
September 17, 2017

What did the good teacher’s do, when the children were not reading poetry. That’s right! They shaped it up! The book ‘Picture a Poem’ by Gina Douthwaite (Author, Illustrator), allowed us to do just that. It had poems in all sorts of shapes – rocket, shoe, bat, dinosaur and more. We read some of these […]

CRAWLING By Apoorva Parab
August 28, 2017

Found myself in a book, big and boring.. No laughter, no innocence, no imagination, no stories.. Enough of law, enough of lexicons.. Packed my apple and went searching.. Blinded by the colours and happiness.. Deafened by sweet innocent laughs everywhere.. This is where I belong.. So many stories to crawl on.. But division was here […]

Written by Neeraj N 2 Days with Bookworm: Observing LIS and MOP and Learning Stealing When I began working with children, 3 years back, I read Gijubhai Badheka’s book ‘Divaswapna’. In the book he writes about the experiments he has done in a classroom of a government school and immensely stresses on the power of […]

What can be done on a summer’s night, which cannot be done on a summer’s day? Lying down beneath the dome of our sky and gazing above. No clouds are likely to float by. Even if they choose to visit on a no-moon night, they glisten a silver grey, just for you. Somehow the hot, […]

A Fine Bookworm
June 25, 2017

Nicole Remedios find a nest where it’s actually Book warm! On a fine rainy day, Gayatri Borkar walked the Santismo lane in Taleigao. Splashing in little puddles along the way, she noticed a pink house named ‘Bookworm’. Now who haven’t heard of this place yet? It’s pretty obvious to have seen few books labelled Bookworm […]

Dear Bookworm,
June 10, 2017

Written by Sonali Upadhyay Dear Bookworm, For the past 34 days you’ve been a home to me in more ways than I could imagine. They say, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” That was certainly true when I met you, you’ve transformed me over this course of a month and I’ll forever be […]

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