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Indian Public Library Movement  came up with a basic spoken English course, ‘Basic Learning Practice: Easy way to learn English’.  It contains a exercise book and CDs with audio files that are the references for the exercises. The course material was initiated by the Indian Public Library Movement through it’s network of Public Libraries and […]

Stitching in the park
May 19, 2017

Every summer, Bookworm privileges working with needle and thread as a way to keep the craft alive but also to collaborate around stitching. In the past, Bookworm has initiated ‘godri’ – quilts as a collaborative initiative as well as collaborative story panels – using motifs hand stitched by various people around memory and story. Bookworm […]

Of Pages and Books; of Pen and Ink
April 22, 2017

Open me a book and carry me into its reaches, whisk and frisk deep into its words that dance in front of my eyes, swirling and twirling into images, reassuring, questioning, soothing and enlightening, trailing sparks of nuances that cling to memory long after the page is turned. By books we escape, by books we […]

Hello, Interested in learning more about online fundraising and getting your organisation started with crowdfunding? Join me, Kavita Mathew, GlobalGiving’s India Partnerships Consultant, for an in-person, half -day, to discuss: Running a successful Crowdfunding campaign; Social media tips, developing amazing content, excelling at building donor relationships; Using GlobalGiving to boost your fundraising and outreach success! […]

Booktalking with technology
February 28, 2017

I met the students and faculty of Hongirana School for Excellence on a Library Audit visit late last year. Hongirana School is situated close to Sagar town and has the biodiversity of the Western Ghats with the school surrounded by nature. Within this school, rests a beautiful library building that our team had the joy […]

Oliver Jeffers
January 25, 2017

Oliver Jeffers. Does the name sound familiar? No? Maybe not to all but maybe familiar to children and adults who are addicted to reading all kinds of picture books. I was introduced to Oliver Jeffers in the library quite accidentally one day almost a year ago when I pulled out a book called ‘Stuck’. It […]

Sherlock Holmes: Books V/S Celluloid
January 17, 2017

My first experience with the maverick detective was as a pre-pubescent when our teacher showed us one of the old classic Sherlock Holmes movies. I remember being very fascinated by his mannerisms and how he solved the mystery, even though I was too young to understand deductive logic. Many years later, I received one of […]

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