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The name of my book is ‘Cry, Heart, But Never Break’, written by Glenn Ringtved and illustrated by Charlotte Pardi. This story is about death. This is a sensitive story about learning to say good-bye to those we love, which shows us that death is a natural part of life, both necessary and inevitable. I […]

Lap Time Baby Time
October 8, 2017

On the Saturday morning pre – school sessions at Bookworm, I am known to work from home or creep up the stairs to avoid engagement. Deepali who holds this session does it remarkably well and I considered myself done with little ones. For years – as far back as I can I have worked with […]

A Non Reader Amongst Readers – HELP !
September 28, 2017

Before joining Bookworm, I always thought that food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs of people. But I realise I was quite wrong. Before my time here, I have been in the company of people who spoke about T.V and its contents, Face Book and the posts on FB and all sorts of entertainment […]

As I was going through the selection of “Award Winning Books” I saw this book and started reading it. I liked the book very much because it was about two Ducks looking for a place to settle down in a city. Ducks are adorable creatures and I liked them as characters in the story. The […]

The book was recommended to me by Anandita as she felt that it was a very nice book. The cover page of this book was what tempted me to finally start reading it. The theme of this book is “Gender”. I went online to find out more about the author, illustrator and the book itself. […]

Mister God, this is Anna By Fynn
September 11, 2017

Image courtesy: There are books that one can gently devour, whose words settle satisfyingly into habitual plots and slots in the mind; there are books that once finished leave one with a sense of dissatisfaction or even annoyance; there are books that raise questions with a thoroughness that they sometimes fail to answer. And […]

Aldona has a BookStop!
September 1, 2017

It all started last year (late 2016) when Sujata asked me to find out how much it would cost to make a small shelf for books, which could be placed or hung in a noticeable, accessible spot. The shelf would have a metal frame and a couple of wooden shelves with some material to cover […]

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