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An Open House
April 20, 2017

Ruth Krauss in her book Open House for Butterflies illustrated with Maurice  Sendak  writes, Everybody should be quiet Near a little stream and listen Today, I had that joy, not near a stream but within the library – my idea of a stream and I listened to the excited voices of 45 school teachers and […]

Auxilium Primary School, Caranzalem
School Bell…
January 1, 2015

Written by Deepali We go to Auxilium Caranzalem on every Tuesdays and Wednesdays and what a way to start the week. Every school has a bell that tells everyone when a period is over or when its time to close the books and quieten those hunger pangs or when to escape out from the classes […]

Auxilium Primary School, Caranzalem
A School Concert
December 31, 2014

For a long time this month our school program has been at the receiving end of Concert Chaos. Yesterday I had the joy of being at the other end, Concert Celebrations ! Sr Celine from The Auxilium Convent, Caranzalem, a LiS supported school invited me to be Chief Guest at the Pre school Annual Day […]

Auxilium Primary School, Caranzalem

Written by Sabina My work on the Bookworm Library in School program ( LiS ) is to have a good lending and returning of books in the short time we get during Library period. The process is possible because in every respective classes of Auxilium , Caranzalem name tags have been made for children. The […]

Auxilium Primary School, Caranzalem
Bindi Su visiting schools…
October 11, 2014

Written by Barkha Over the last month we read aloud the story of ‘Bindi Su’ across standard I in all 4 schools. Bindi Su is a little red car who doesn’t want to stop! Bindi Su is the first of a series of ‘early readers’ children’s books to be published by Bookworm. The aim of […]

Written by Deepali Correya Everybody had started their LiS sessions in Aldona and Carona schools except me. I was behind schedule by almost a week as I had not received confirmation for the classes that I was to do. Finally!!! everything was confirmed and our classes were to begin on the 17th. The D-day arrived […]

Auxilium Primary School, Caranzalem
These are the gifts they bring…
December 20, 2013

It’s Christmas time. All through the school we work with there is the charge of festivity in the air. The tree of excitement includes  some  kids getting set for Christmas and all the merriment that comes with the season.  Some others are getting ready to throw their hands up in the air and yell in […]

Auxilium Primary School, Caranzalem
…and we heard Mala’s Silver Anklets!
November 30, 2013

CHIK CHIK CHUM!!! CHIK CHIK CHUM!!!! The students were amazed to see and hear the sound of the silver anklets in the classroom. With the excitement and inattentiveness of the students Sheena and I managed to settle them and a new book was introduced to them. The illustrations of Mala’s Silver Anklets brought the smiles […]

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