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[Sujata, March 2012]

I have known Renée for many years. If I stop to count, I have known her for more than 20 odd years and my connection with Renée has been primal and special.

Renée and I communicate in subliminal ways. We are now separated by oceans and landmasses that could come in the way of old friendships and meaningful support, but it has not worked that way for us.

Renée came to visit Bookworm one evening in 2009, when I did not expect to see her. She asked us about our work and recognised almost immediately and intuitively that we could do with some help.

She left assuring us that she would collect resources in the form of books and toys to replenish our stocks at Bookworm. For Elaine and myself, small thinkers with big dreams, any help is welcome. We celebrated the offer and thanked the Universe for friends.

Eleven months later, Renée emailed me a vision document which she was nursing and conceptualising on how to spearhead a fundraising resource in Toronto, Canada to keep our School Book Treasury alive and growing.

We had many long conversations, emails and exchanges about how she, together with her sterling family, were going to combine networks and efforts to hold fundraising events that supported Bookworm.

The Book Treasury International was birthed by Renée and I know it will be nurtured by her into a strong workhorse that will keep our cart on its track. We have already been the beneficiaries of our first windfall that will partially support the School Book Treasury for the academic year 2012-13.

Renée and The Book Treasury International are our partners in progress and together we are confident that we will bring more children to reading and to the love and learning of it all.

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