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Different career opportunities at Bookworm are listed below.

Current openings – Summer 2014

Educators/ Library teachers

Bookworm is hiring library teachers to assist on the Mobile Outreach Project. This is a half day work opportunity (easily extended to a full day if candidate is suitable). Work on the Outreach project involves taking the library experience to various locations with read aloud, extended literacy and creative activities, documentation, monitoring and evaluation, planning and great learning.

Interest in working with diverse communities, background in education and a desire to use one’s time meaningfully is essential.


    • Book illustration and Design
    • Creative Writing
    • Product design
    • Marketing
    • Ideating Book Fair participation
    • School workshops
    • Library Assistants
    • Workshop Assistants
    • Summer Program Assistants
    • Documenting library work
    • Book organising and classification
    • Summer reading program
    • Liaising with Public and District/VP libraries
    • Work on conceptualising Library Conference for 2013
    • Architecture interns
    • Walking Guides
    • Marketing
    • Program assistants

The internships can be of two kinds:

Short term – Two month project or on site durations which are either part of the course work (with course credits) or done independently. This can be done in Goa or long distance depending on the project.

Long term – Four to six-month projects which could be the requirement of an educational program and or an opportunity to explore or strengthen new areas of work. This would require the intern to come to Goa and work out of our locations.

The duration of internship depends upon the profile of the candidate, the projects they will be involved in and the time period the candidate can allocate for the internship.


Every job profile at Bookworm requires the candidate to work closely with the Bookworm team liaising between various stakeholders for different projects. You must have the ability to multi task, ability to work with diverse individuals, ability to learn and willingness to listen, foundational understanding of education and background in the social sector desired.

Bookworm is organic and its multifaceted nature makes the experience at Bookworm an ideal place to grow in different aspects of the career. The work is challenging, requires your full commitment and can get incredibly exciting and stressful. Systems are still evolving at Bookworm and that makes it an exciting organisation that is learning as it is growing and opportunities are plenty

Books, reading and creative thinking are at the heart of Bookworm’s work and if this is what you would like to do, then please share a CV and a purpose of intent here

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