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We began Bookworm in September 2005 out of Panaji, Goa with the thought of creating a rich accessible collection of childrens’ books.

“Bookworm” – a name which expresses the key quotient of the quintessential book lover has since then evolved to encompass several streams of thought – to impart food for the soul, broadening horizons of opportunities for children who have few or no one who read with them, to create a tool which empowers and recognizes the need to comprehend the written word.

Reading is a language in its own. It holds the key to multiple realities. Once we engage therein, it empowers us to think beyond the boxes our socio-cultural milieu may place us in. Bookworm seeks to achieve this through several avenues.

The Library in Schools program (LiS) exposes the art of reading to first to eighth graders through interactive sessions.

The Mobile Outreach Program (MOP) takes reading, storytelling and other literacy related activities into community areas. MOP caters to children who are mostly first generation learners hailing from families who have limited economic resources.

Developing resources to aid learning is another key area for Bookworm. This is a dynamic process in response to the needs which arise from the continued interaction with children, their parents, educators and their aspirations.

In 2014 Bookworm registered as a charitable trust. Read more about our trustees.

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