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Cholta Cholta – Walking Tours of Panjim

‘Cholta Cholta’ in Konkani means ‘whilst walking’ and that is the idea behind this book. That, as a visitor to the city of Panjim, whilst walking around you can learn more about your surroundings. The idea for the book came from the walking tours that Sujata Noronha, one of the founders of ‘Bookworm’, and Pritha Sardessai, a local architect and the book’s illustrator, had been conducting with local children to share the city’s heritage. From that point it was but a little leap to the concept of a book, so that now everyone can walk a little, share the history a bit, stop and rest a while at one of the cafes along the way… but most of all to enjoy the heritage delights of Panjim in a unique form. And if the muse takes you, there is plenty of space to make your own notes or draw your own sketches.

Cholta Cholta is now available to buy online from Flipkart and Dial a Book.

Cholta Cholta – Walking tours of Goa has a new website now.

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