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Bebeanchem Kazar – The Wedding of the Frogs

Bebeanchem Kazar (The Wedding of the Frogs) is a book that has taken a time-honoured Konkani poem for children written by the late, great Dr Manoharrai Sardessai and made it accessible to everyone. It is the first time that this poem has been published in a bilingual format: Konkani Devanagiri, in Konkani Roman script and English – so finally making it available for everyone to enjoy. The translation has been expertly done by John Carneiro and the charming illustrations by Shilpa Mayenkar Naik, a local Goan artist. The combination of the three people’s works makes for a unique read and brings Goan culture and politics subtlety to life. A hardback, screen printed, handmade book printed on artisan paper, it will sit happily on a treasured bookshelf. Truly a book that will bring fun to everyone of all ages.

The book is also available in a bi-script format; Konkani Devanagiri & Konkani Roman with a separate English translation by Umesh Sardessai, the son of Dr. Manoharrai Sardessai.

Bebeanchem Kazar is now available to buy online from Flipkart(Roman KonkaniDevanagiri Konkani) and  Dial a Book.

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